Mass Iraq for Iron and Steel Industry Co

Capacity of 1.25 Million tons.

MGH’s recently built a mega project  to produce iron and steel with an annual capacity of 1.25 million tons. The project consists of a Melt shop for production of Billet, Continuous Casting Machines, Rolling Mill for the production of enforcement rebar and a second Rolling Mill for production of small and medium sections industrial steel.
The Melt shop consists of an Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) size 120 tons, Ladle Furnace (LF) and Continuous Casting Machines (CCM) to produce Billet size (150X150)mm and (130X130)mm.
The Rolling Mill factory contains Re-Heating Furnace(RHM) and produces enforcement rebar in different diameters (10-32)mm.
The plant includes constructed another Rolling Mill for production of industrial steel of small and medium sections.
The plant also includes auxiliary facilities like fume and dust treatment unit(FTP), oxygen production unit, power substation and water treatment plant(WTP).
The plant is considered as one of the mega strategic projects in Kurdistan Region of Iraq and in Iraq. It utilizes very modern and most innovative European technologies for equipment and machines which was supplied by Danieli Company- Italy. The oxygen plant supplied by Siad company-Italy. The substation and SVC supplied by ABB company-Sweden.

Mass Iraq for Iron and Steel Industry Company will construct a DRI factory to use  Iron-ore as feed to achieve the maximum Efficiency of the plant.