Suleimaniah Gas Power Station (SGPS)

With a capacity of 1500MW.

Located in the town of Chamchamal- northwest of Suleimaniah Governorate around 60 km.
In the beginning of 2008 The Ministry of Electricity (MoE) of the Kurdistan Region contracted MGH to construct a Power Plant in Suleimaniah to produce 750MW of electricity on the basis of Build, Own and Operate (BOO), then the contract was extended to 1000MW.
MGH accordingly purchased Frame-9E Type Gas Turbine Units with their generators and auxiliaries from General Electric (GE),taking into consideration possible expansion of Simple Cycle and add on Combined Cycle.
The first stage of simple cycle (500MW)of SGPS consisted of four Frame-9E units  which started production in February 2010. Later, MGH contracted with GE and ABB Germany to add another four units of the same type to double the production capacity. The last unit started production in August 2012. Which made the plant’s capacity reach 1000MW at present.
Third Phase of the project, MGH added to SGPS the combined cycle with another 500MW capacity. The project utilizes the gas turbine exhaust heat emissions to produce steam in Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSG), which then generates electricity in two steam turbines. This process increases the production  without using extra fuel. It also reduces the amount of CO2 emissions and frees the environment of combustion emotions. After the completion of the combined cycle, the plant capacity was raised to 1500MW.

A 132 KV substation associated with the Simple Cycle and a 400 KV substation with the Combined Cycle were both executed by ABB Sweden and the energy is exported by fourteen high voltage lines to the national grid of Kurdistan region.
It is worth noting that both Erbil & Suleimaniah power plants are designed to run on two types of fuel, natural gas as main fuel, and diesel fuel as standby. The Natural Gas is reaching the stations via pipelines from KhorMor gas field station, while the diesel is transported to the plants via trucks. Then the diesel is purified and treated before it can be used to feed the turbines.