Wind project-Tafileh

With capacity of 100MW.

On the 16th of May 2016 during Jordan International Energy Summit, and in presence of HE the prime minister Dr. Abdullah Al Nsour, and HE the minister of Energy and Mineral resources(MEMR) Dr. Ibrahim Saif. The power Purchase Agreement (PPA) between Mr. Abdul Fatth Daradkeh the Director of National Electric Power Company, and Mr. Ahmed Ismael Saleh the chairman of Mass Jordan for renewable Energy was signed. To construct a wind power station, that will be located in Tafileh Governorate.With capacity of 100MW.

Project site

The project site is located in Tafileh Governorate within AlHasa District about 130km to the south of Amman the capital of Jordan. The nearest village (Jurf Al Daraweesh) is 7 KM away to the south-east direction.
The project site is located around 10km to the west of the Desert Highway ( Highway#15) – the main Highway in Jordan which connects Amman with the Southern is also close to Highway #60 which connects Jurf Al Daraweesh with Tafileh City.
The total land area dedicated to the project is 10,467 million m2, which was allocated for the project by ministry of finance via ministry of Energy and Mineral resources.
Prior to the PPA, Mass Group Holding was qualified by the Ministry of Energy and Mineral resources to develop this project, and An agreement to rent the land for 20 years was signed.

Project components:

The following describe the main project components:

Components Description 
Wind farm power 100MW
 Type of technology wind power
 Infrastructure   Substation, underground cables, offices, stores, plant roads… 

Wind Turbines

The initial layout for the wind turbines for the project has been determined; based on technical criteria such as wind characteristics of the site. Meanwhile working on the studies of environmental impact evaluation, and wind speed evaluation, in order to decide the final layout for the turbines distribution.


- The turbine will be interconnected by underground cables to the high voltage substation within an electrical network in order to collect the electricity from each turbine.
- Substation will be connected through step up transformer to 132kv.
- NEPCO will connect their substation to the national network.
- A road network including internal roads between the turbines to provide easily approach and maintenance.

Project History:

  • MOU was signed on 8/10/2014 between MEMR and Mass Energy Group Holding.
  • The Jordanian cabinet has approved the project on 20/4/2016.
  • The Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) was signed between the National Electric Power Company (NEPCO) and Mass Jordan for Renewable Energy Ltd. On 9/5/2016.
  • A grid connection agreement was signed between the National Electric Power Company (NEPCO) and Mass Jordan for Renewable Energy Ltd. on 9/5/2016.
  • MGH has conducted the following activities:
    • Barloventol-Spain for supply, installation, and commissioning of meteorological Mast for one year.
    • Eco Consult for environmental and social impact assessments study (ESIA) for one year.
    • CESI-Italy for system impact studies.
    • MGH will select one of the international companies as EPC contractor, and for operation and maintenance of the project. Based on the following criteria:
      • To use most advanced technology in wind projects.
      • Supporting MGH for micro sitting, energy yield assessment, geotechnical and topographic surveys, and any other technical and project management activities.